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Don't Tell Me About Mercy by chaila

Today it's a two-for-one deal! Don't Tell Me About Mercy is a set of two canon relationship studies in the same vidder's post.

Vid: Liar/Thief/Ghost
Vidder: chaila
Music: Florence and the Machine, "Don't Tell Me"
Length: 2:52
Vidder's Summary: "Don't tell me what you've done."
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Connor/Cameron
Recced because: "I'm not at home with myself / but I'm not at home with you either / I'm too scared to leave / but I never seem safe here." As the vidder commented, Sarah and Cameron walk away from each other a lot. They can hardly reach for or reach each other except via what separates them - most notably guns and John. As viewers beccatoria and pellucid observed... Sarah's near-constant, painful physical awareness of Cameron - as well as Sarah's distrust, fear, profound ambivalence - is just as intense here as on the show. Intense is certainly the word for this elegant vid.

Vid: Mercy Street
Vidder: chaila
Music: Peter Gabriel, "Mercy Street"
Length: 2:52 [same length as "Don't Tell Me"]
Vidder's Summary: "Dreaming of mercy."
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Connor/James Ellison
Warnings: I do not have photophobic migraines, but flashing overlays in this vid induced headaches for me.
Recced because: "She pictures the broken glass / She pictures the steam / She pictures a soul with no leak at the seam." To paraphrase beccatoria - the long arcs of Sarah and James's journeys, in all their complex visual and thematic parallels as portrayed by the show itself. Fever dreams of mercy are what both characters long for, but "mercy is a dream, one neither has a map to. I think Ellison hopes (hoped?) to find it in Sarah, while Sarah tries to forget she dreams of it at all."
Author: chaila
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 636
Author's Summary: [community profile] mundane_bingo-style post-series fic with Sarah living/traveling with Jesse and Ellison and Savannah and they find out one or more of them snores. Tense sleeping negotiations and shenanigans ensue! [Could fit between the first and second scenes of to be clear-minded towards the next day's treacherous objects, but mostly just in the same general 'verse, no prerequisites for reading!]
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Connor, Jesse Flores, James Ellison, Savannah Weaver
Warnings: None
Recced because: Jesse and Sarah argue about all of them staying in one motel room; James wishes they'd keep it down for Savannah's sake. Miscellaneous subtext or maybe just innuendo. Delightful! Funny and a little sad.
Story: to be clear-minded towards the next day's treacherous objects
Author: chaila
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2191
Author's Summary: "...not from a lack of love but from necessity, to be clear-minded towards the next day’s treacherous objects.” An alliance, in three acts. Post-series.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Connor/Jesse Flores
Warnings: Spoilers through "Born to Run"
Recced because: Jesse chooses the best of limited options and tracks Sarah down after "Born to Run." Joining forces, now and in the future, doesn't necessarily smooth out their points of conflict. But they have an awful lot in common. "They could hardly complicate things any further. They are both intensely pragmatic people. Neither one of them is naïve or romantic. They are both more than capable of making personal sacrifices for larger goals. There's a lot of destruction between them to prove it." Rich and full of things unresolved. (And just because I love this comment by the author... "Jesse, because of her past experiences, will never, ever enable Sarah; she would fight to make/keep Sarah a leader she *can* believe in.") As another reader, pellucid, commented - Skynet doesn't stand a chance, with these women leading the resistance.

Paradise by Edonohana

Story: Paradise
Author: Edonohana
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2230
Author's Summary: Five timelines that might have happened to Riley and Jesse.
Characters/Pairings: Jesse Flores, Riley
Warnings: Major character death in certain sections. Explicit or implied spoilers through "Today Is the Day, Part 1."
Recced because: A brilliant take on five discrete possible timelines, each with a focus on these two characters. My favorite is "Timeline," which gives us a glimpse into just how complicated things can get with time travelers from multiple futures, but all five pull you irresistibly into the emotional moment and its thematic implications in the SCC universe.
Everyone should give a big hand to ticketsonmyself for her excellent work the past two months. Brava!

If anyone would like to continue the fine tradition of our last few months of consistent recs, please comment here. It's been great to see all the SCC love since the community converted to reccage.

The Evidence of Things Not Seen by chaila

Story: The Evidence of Things Not Seen (at AO3, LJ, or DW)
Author: chaila
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 2504
Author's Summary: "Why are you here, James?"
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Connor/James Ellison
Warnings: Spoilers through "Born to Run"
Recced because: "He does this now too, reads her skin with his fingertips, for clues about places she's been but doesn't talk about, for stories she will probably never tell him. She thinks all the stories are the same—they came, we ran. The only story she cares about is the one she’s trying to write herself. But he is a man practiced in the art of reading about Sarah. In a few weeks, he has mapped her skin like the files he pored over so long that he can still see them with his eyes closed. He reads for answers and for direction. Like the Bible he studies just as closely, he thinks, and doesn’t consider it blasphemy." Sober, superb characterization of James and Sarah and - as another reader, pellucid, commented - their tentative intimacy and uncertain post-finale situation, seeking ways to fight, to no sure end. A delicate exploration of what faith means for either of them and how they each understand it to work.

Immutability by templemarker

Story: Immutability (at LJ or DW)
Author: templemarker
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 1008
Author's Summary: Sarah, and Ellison, and what happens next.
Characters/Pairings: Sarah Connor, James Ellison
Warnings: Spoilers through "Born to Run"
Recced because: "Sarah can see the beginnings of the same terrible, driven solitude that exists in her written in the lines of his mouth. It was probably inevitable." The night after they leave ZeiraCorp, Sarah is weighted down with loss and seismic revelation. I love how Sarah's reluctantly taking in those shades of grey with which Ellison is still grappling. Despite all the wreckage behind them and everything that lies ahead, there's a breathing space she is determined to have. The characterization is spot on, with Sarah and Ellison in their separate, shell-shocked isolations meeting in a quietly resonant detente. And I love the magnificent ending.

John Connor by odditycollector

Work: John Connor (at DW or LJ)
Author: odditycollector
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 190
Author's Summary: None
Characters/Pairings: John Connor
Warnings: None
Recced because: SCC poetry! Time travel means John's life is out of control - moments bleeding into each other, wearing thin, leaving him adrift. "This is not the best of possible worlds."

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Story: Every Time Is the First Time
Author: Vehemently
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 6053
Tagline: Infinity is a lot.
Characters/Pairings [in order of first appearance]: John Connor, Sarah Connor, Cameron, Derek Reese, Kyle Reese, John Henry, James Ellison
Warnings: Brief description of a suicide that takes place during the story. Spoilers for entire series.
Recced because: "The bank's light board flashes GO and then NOW and then LOVE, just for an instant. Then it goes back to GO and NOW." Love's the only engine of survival. This is my favorite post-series ensemble one-shot and one of my favorite stories in any fandom. John's lucid, wry narrative voice, the crisp details and prose, and the author's original take on one future immediately post-"Born to Run" and the futures' ongoing repercussions on the present make this fic a twisty pleasure to read. But it's the love, grief, and indomitable hope in every narrative thread that propel the story forward and crack the reader's heart open.